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Who Are You Wearing?

Sometimes I really want to be gauche and walk up to someone wearing fabulous vintage, grab their collar and look to see who made it, usually just to see if I guessed right.

Vintage clothing hoarders tend to love labels. Yes, sometimes because we are snobs, but often because they are time capsules as beautiful and interesting as the clothes themselves. Plus, it also helps verify someone's blind grandma did not sew the garment. [Note: I have purchased some beautifully home-sewn garments, especially pre-60s, but after that, you're risking the possibility of a botched home-ec project.]

This Louis Feraud dress probably dates back to the late 80s, and the tag says "Made in W. Germany." When you're a fashion nerd like me, it is thrilling to date your finds by the label. If you're not that familiar with vintage clothing and labels, the Vintage Fashion Guild has an amazing index of old fashion labels. Check it out!

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1 Comment

Sep 23, 2020

You mean like "Kristine, it's Isaac Mizrahi". "Beth, it's Target".

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