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The Mighty Quinn

It's Sunday Fun Day at the farmer's market.

First, can I just say something? I like Quinn, I really do, but if she wasn't Bettina's stepdaughter, we would not be friends. She's the kind of person who thinks thong underwear is comfortable, and I will never understand that. She's also the kind of person who can make a fanny pack look cool. Like all she needs in life is a tampon, a condom and a credit card.

Quinn and her boyfriend, Marcus, love to stroll the farmer's market on Sundays and pick up random things like baby kale, squash blossoms, and foraged morel mushrooms and then whip up a fancy vegan dinner. I love meat and big underwear, and I have used tissues, candy wrappers and melted chocolate at the bottom of my purse, but I think Quinn's pretty ok for a cool girl.

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