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The Life-Affirming Joy of a DQ Blizzard

Bettina dropped off some Vote Forward letters at the post office yesterday. Then she headed over to The DQ for a reward Blizzard. Definitely a departure from her normal macha-quinoa smoothie, but she'd had a hard day and really needed a treat.

The Blizzard became her official relief treat back when she and an ex-boyfriend were hiking in Alaska and almost got killed by a mountain lion or grizzly bear or whatever Grendel-like beast growled at them through the trees and tracked them as they mall-walked back down the mountain as fast as possible. That's when she knew she didn't love him anymore, because she said a little prayer that if the bear/mountain lion/Grendel creature leapt from the woods and attacked them, she would have been totally fine had he sacrificed himself to save her. I mean, he certainly would have made the heartier meal between the two of them. She's not proud of this, but what she will say is that she'll never forget the taste of that sweet, creamy, life-affirming elixir, aka the Butterfinger Blizzard, after her near-death experience.

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1 Comment

Oct 17, 2020

Omg!!! “He would have made the heartier meal.” ❤️❤️❤️

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