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No Accessories Needed

Tilda's wearing pink Walgreen's flip flops she bought in a pinch for a last-minute lake house invite. It takes balls to wear $5 flip flops with a fancy 40s dress, but that's the kind of gal she is. She also has a tuna salad sandwich in that big ass bag, and I'm like, girl, that is a dangerous game in this heat.

Tilda, and her BFF, Quinn, met for socially distanced coffee today. They discussed pressing matters of the day: the DNC, Michelle's gut-wrenching, spot-on speech, John Legend's hotness, and then they spent the rest of the time showing each other their saved items on Etsy. Tilda's taste far exceeds her wallet. She's got her eye on this crazy Koos van den Akker coat. A statement piece. Treat yourself, Quinn says. She always says that.

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20 ago 2020

Tilda might be my fave so far if I were choosing real life friends.

Me gusta
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