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Everybody's Working for the Weekend

It's Labor Day and that means mother-daughter bonding time for Bettina and Quinn. They're off to a rough start after Bettina made Quinn change from her Coachella digs (see below) into something more respectable. As soon as Quinn finds some scissors she's cutting up her mother's precious one-size-fits-most tourist tee that screams spinster Roads Scholar. Let's hope they don't kill each other!

Quinn is thinking matching tats, a stripper pole class, whatever else they offer at those fancy spa-yoga retreats where you lay around all day in mud wraps and robes eating papayas. Little does she know that Bettina has instead planned a bird-watching weekend. She's got binoculars for both of them, her trusty Audubon Guide,

and she even made some of those DIY pinecone and peanut butter bird feeders. I didn't want to say anything, but I feel like she's verging on a remake of The Birds if she's not careful.

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