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Drama For Your Llama

A woman once said to me "that outfit is almost too much." I laughed because a) I was dressed like a member of British Parliament and b) this woman was wearing a velour track suit from Chico's.

I like drama! Is there such a thing as "too much" in fashion? Maybe too much black? The last time I wore all black was during my short stint as a server at Ruby Tuesday's. Honestly, monochrome gives me Orwellian vibes and night sweats. I definitely fall into the "there's no such thing as too much" camp. There is very little that scares me sartorially beyond white tights and ponchos. I like to stand out, and Iris Apfel is my spirit animal. If you're afraid to wear print or color, what's holding you back? Fear of a packed-junior-high-audiotorium-level shame sesh? A belief that you look washed out in a certain color? Trust me, there's only one color most people look bad in and it's Communist Russia gray. Take it slow. No need to stress. Try a colorful scarf. A red bag. Green sneakers. Bright colors can function like a neutral with more muted tones.

Thrift store finds are a fun way to experiment without spending a lot of money. Like this vest with llamas that I found for $15 at an antique store in Portland. Who do you think wore it better: over-the-top-polka-dots Bettina or chic-and-simple Quinn?

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Bettina definitely wins this one!

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