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Don't Be An Asshole. Vote.

It's voting season, motherfuckers, and you know what that means? Get out there and do your goddamned civic duty. If you're single or plan to be in the near future, no one will ever date you if you do not vote in this election.

Bettina is excited to meet up with her friends, Fantine and Gerard, to do some letter writing with Vote Forward and help get out that vote. You'd never guess it, but her handwriting is this illegible axe murderer-y scrawl, so she's gonna have to block print like Flowers for Alergnon just to get her message across and probably also look like a serial killer trying to write legibly. Maybe she can scare apathetic people into voting.

Hope is hard, but guess what, so is life, and do you really want it to be all your fault we end up in a dictatorship because you decided to stay home under the covers naked, shoveling ice cream in your gob? Don't be that asshole.

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1 Comment

Sep 28, 2020

Rock the Vote Bettina! and remember, Women's Rights are Human Rights!

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