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Do You Watch Shows For Clothes?

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Does the idea of watching other people look at clothes for hours excite you? You are not alone. I too find this passive activity endlessly thrilling. I also will watch almost any show if the clothes are good, as evidenced by my dedication to the only season of a terrible show: Girlboss. My Top 5 (ok, fine, 6) shows for the clothes are below. Next week, I'll post about the shows with clothes I should like but actually loathe (I'm sorry but Downton Abbey is on that list).

  1. Dead to Me I'm only listing this first, because I just finished season 2. Poor Christina dresses like a melancholy corporate robot, but Linda's wardrobe is delightful. Case in point: this belt. Looks like something my mom picked up at Pier 1 in the 80s, on sale alongside the wooden zebra napkin holders, but I would now consider paying $200 for from some sketch vintage dealer.

  2. LA Frock Stars You MUST watch this. It's more of a fashion docs-series on the Smithsonian Channel (who know they had a channel?), but available through Apple TV. The show follows Doris, owner of the renowned, The Way We Wore, and her staff, as they help customers, go on buying trips, and more. I have forced no less than four people to watch this with me, and I cannot get enough of fabulous people like Dita Von Teese and Debi Mazar trying on vintage clothing. Why oh why can't this be 24-7 live stream? Perhaps a secret cam in the dressing room? Is that a privacy violation?

  3. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel I HATE Amazon, but I finagled a way to get access and cannot say anymore about that. I could watch this on mute. Kaleidoscopic outfit changes galore. The coats! My god, the vintage coats. Half the time I'm watching the show while trolling Etsy for primary colored swing coats. There's that scene at the end of Season 2 when she's in an entire room full of clothes deciding what to pack for her travels with Shy Baldwin. Someday, perhaps by the time I'm 70 and financially secure, I will have such a room. One of my favorite vintage sellers, Millstreet Vintage, posted on IG that she sold some items to the show. Oh to the know the secret of which ones.

  4. Sex and the City I mean, how can you not include this? I binge re-watched all 6 seasons in my soy sauce stained Schoolhouse Rocks sleep t-shirt and skipped through a lot of the parts I did not need to relive just to get to the outfits. My very favorite: the Nanette Lepore rainbow striped dress with a red Chanel jacket. Sublime. You should follow the IG feed: Every Outfit on Sex and the City if you need a regular fix and a good laugh.

  5. Mad Men Again, this one seems obvious. And seeing as how I have a large ass and red hair, of course Joan is my favorite. She got screwed in so many ways, but always looked amazing while enduring all of it.

  6. The Mindy Project This is the only show without any vintage clothes. In one episode, Mindy wears an MSGM sweater with crazy stripes, and I actually have the same thing in a sweater vest, because I couldn't afford the sleeves. I love the bold prints and colors and her full-on commitment to color coordination.

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