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Bettina the Snacks Czarina

Bettina was promoted to Head of Snacks and Rationing back in mid-March at our little start-up, and my god has she embraced the role. Since we're all still working from home, she delivered little gift bags of crudités to everyone's house last week. With NO DIP. Is it even crudités without the dip? Literally just a bag of perfectly trimmed carrots and broccoli. Nevertheless, she does try hard.

She's been preparing an official company binder on snack hygiene protocol for when we return to the office. Highlights include:

  • No eating in front of others (no problem)

  • No sharing of snacks (thank god)

  • Immediate Clorox wiping of mouth and surface areas post-consumption (I'm a little concerned about this one)

She also insists on transitioning to her fall wardrobe now, which means the AC is on arctic blast. I do admire her thrifted 1980s Gloria Vanderbilt dress paired with a 1940s tweed jacket. She's a bit nuts, but she knows how to dress.

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