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Are You a Mad Plaid or a Practical Genius?

They say successful people wear the same thing every day. Like Steve Jobs in that black turtleneck or President Obama in his gray or blue suit every day. They say it's about decision fatigue, you know, so you can save time making decisions about clothes and focus on your brain and doing smart things.

Quinn would rather make poor decisions and look fabulous doing so rather than wearing a sad, black turtleneck like an invisible stagehand for the rest of her life. This probably explains why she doesn't own any wardrobe basics, or why she eats Totino's pizza rolls every night for dinner.

She's decided to take the 1 outfit for a 100 days challenge to test this theory of decision fatigue. The only problem is everyone at work is starting to talk. Does she launder it? Did she lose the rest of her clothes in a house fire? There's a reason the pros pick monochrome. Poor Quinn. Still, you gotta admit it's a damn good suit.

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